SearchExtract - an easy visual data extraction tool

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Web Data Extraction Made Ridiculously Simple!

Ever browse in search of INFORMATION?

What do you do once you have found something of interest? You can bookmark the whole page -- or use our tools to bookmark just the data you want and keep it where it belongs -- in a spreadsheet.

Better still, bookmark and automate the whole search! We also bookmark tabular data and HTML fragments.

We help you extract and reuse internet data. We provide tools and consulting.

SearchExtract! -- the ultimate data extractor for professionals, but easy enough for any user. The most advanced and feature-rich data extraction technology in the industry!

Scripted data extraction. Visual extractor building combined with powerful command-line switches; links lists, link factory, sequence of similar pages.

Creates an extractor automatically, based on sample data you provide (just highlight the data you want).

Runs extractions from command line, one page or 10000. You can even schedule it. This is the same tool we use for our consulting assignments!

Used by Fortune 500! (shouldn't you try it?)

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    A simple scenario:

    1. During normal browsing, the user encounters tabular data. She right-clicks on the data to activate the tool, which imports the data and displays it in its own grid
    2. User clicks an export button, copying the data to clipboard
    3. User opens an Excel worksheet and pastes the data

    You also can:

    1. Precisely select the data you want from any Web Page
    2. Set Smart Bookmarks that extract parts of a Web Page and don't have to be updated every time the page changes slightly
    3. Follow Links and Page Sequences (e.g. search results) automatically, create a single-page report and search through it, instead of searching through every page in search results
      Or -- collect data from all resulting pages
    4. Create web pages with dynamic data from other web pages, automatically updated
    5. Automatically e-mail Web Page clippings, such as latest product and stock prices, mortgage rates, new products or anything else you find on the Web or your company's Intranet and want to keep track of!
    6. Import multiple search forms and do a single search, and get a single search results page from all the different sites

    And you can try it for 30 days FREE! DOWNLOAD NOW

    We will extract your data for you for a fee. We also do custom data extraction scripts and wrappers in perl, python or java
    Please e-mail for details

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