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Jan 18, 2006

Contact: Julian Roz
Company: ExtraData Technologies


ExtraData Technologies (a privately held company) today announced Fault Factory 1.0, a testing tool allowing to create a variety of socket or HTTP/SOAP faults in any running application with no compile-time instrumentation or system changes

"Testing error handling capabilities of application code has become a very complicated task" - said Julian Roz, CTO of ExtraData. According to Mr. Roz "Under real-life use, your application can experience a variety of error conditions, ranging from socket connection problems to SOAP faults, and you need to be prepared. Unfortunately, many of those conditions are difficult to reproduce at will on the developer's machine. Fault Factory creates guaranteed faults interactively, and can be used separately or with your favorite debugger"

The tool can also be used to test fault tolerance on a production-grade system, and can simulate a variety of random adverse conditions. It requires no compile-time instrumentation or system changes

Conditions simulated include user-configurable SOAP Faults, HTTP error codes, various socket-level communication faults (dropped/refused connections, buffer problems, timeouts, etc.)

The package contains a GUI Console and an Agent. The Agent dynamically attaches to a running application - no special configuration or system changes required. The Console allows configuring agent actions globally or on a per-call basis

In interactive mode, the Console reports a 'breakpoint' on the given call, allowing the developer to configure the response they want. It is also possible to configure random responses -- useful to create a broad test with minimal effort

Fault Factory is implementation-neutral and can inject faults into any Windows application, regardless of the implementation language: Java, Perl, Python, C/C++, any .NET (e.g. C#)

Fault Factory can co-exist and inter-operate with standard IDEs and debugging tools, such as Eclipse, NetBeans and Microsoft Development Environment. For example, you can put a breakpoint in Eclipse on a call that can throw a network-related exception, then configure Fault Factory to fail the next call. Stepping over the call in Eclipse, will throw the exception needed

Supported Platforms

Fault Factory 1.0 supports Windows 2000, XP or 2003 (32bit)

Pricing and Availability

The product is available immediately. It carries an introductory price tag of 179.95 (USD, single-user, electronic delivery). Volume discounts and site licenses available

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